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Reservation is available only for 3 days or more.

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Garage space

  • 1 day 15 €


  • One direction 10 €
  • Reserve and you’ll recieve confirmation E-mail.
    Show confirmation at the garage entrance.
    *Please insert expected time arrivial to the garage!


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How to park?
Why park in garage?
Aci Marina - Weekly Parking

Parking spots are limited to the number of 150, if You want to be sure that your parking spots waits for You plase book it at the given email adress. You can book your parking spot at email adress [email protected]

When You book your parking spot You’ll recieve confirmation of reservation which You are required to show at the entrance (to the garage) to person in charge. Entrance to the garage is marked with traffic signalization and ACORUS GARAGE logo. If the garage is closed please ring a bell to the guard who will open the garage doors for you. The bell is places at the visibly clear spot at the entrance.

At weekends, when there is the greatest number of arrivals at Aci marine Split, at the main road to Aci marine Split there are two information desks for ACORUS GARAGE where You just speak to the person in charge and You will be given all the needed informations. The licensed driver directs you to the garage( You follow him in your vehicle). You leave your vehicle on the parking spot you are given and then You pay for selected period of time you want to leave your vehicle in the garage. When you leave your vehicle and your payment is accomplished you will be given the verification that confirms that your vehicle is in the garage. After you have done all the reqiured paper works the key for your vehicle is given to the person in charge and is not left in the garage. The driver then drives You back with licensed car to the Aci marine Split. When your vacation is over You just go to the information desk and the driver will drive you to your vehicle in the garage. Transport from Aci marine Split to the Acorus Garage is free and lasts for not more than 5 minutes. Location of the garage is very close to football stadium Poljud.

Your vehicle is safe and secured (burglaries, thefts, bad weather conditions...)
Garage is not public, access to the garage is limited
Garage is the closest one to the historical town center
Only place in town where You can leave your vehicle that is secured and guarded
The cheapest place where You can leave your vehicle
You can arrange a car wash in garage

For sailors and guests of ACI MARINE SPLIT
Aci marine Split has it’s own parking area but it’s limited for only 100 parking spots which isn’t enough for a large number of tourists that come to Aci marine Split to spend time on their boats or yachts. Within the Aci marine parking area in case of damaged vehicle or other there is no person in charge who will take responsibility for damages. Besides, Aci marine parking area is outdoor so the vehicle is under direct influence of sun and big sea waves.
Tourists that come to Aci marine Split and want to park their vehicles at the safe and secured parking lot can leave their vehicles in ACORUS GARAGE.
Weekly parking is only 10 € per day.

Acorus garage